Who You Gonna Call FraudBusters!

Online gambling giant PartyGaming has employed the services of Envisional, a Cambridge-based tech company, to search the internet and examine all claims of affiliation to their brand name.

Envisional will use their patented A3I intelligent search technology to scan the internet and ensure PartyGaming is not linked with individuals flouting marketing regulations in the uncertain global climate. Some countries, such as the US and Turkey, have taken steps to restrict online gambling, and PartyGaming has withdrawn from these markets to comply with these nations’ laws.

The BusinessWeekly website quoted Martin Weigold, group finance director with executive responsibility for corporate

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social responsibility at PartyGaming, as saying: “We take our legal obligations and ethical responsibilities very seriously.

“Envisional’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities will help us ensure continued compliance with strict marketing regulations, as well as protect the party brands in which we have invested so heavily over the years.”

Envisional’s A3I (Advanced Automated Artificial Intelligence) technology has the capability to search for logos, text and images across the entire internet. The technology has the ability to scan websites, IRC channels, blogs, auction sites, trade boards and forums as well as P2P (peer-to-peer) networks.

“This is a new industry sector in which we could make considerable inroads because there is nothing like this (A3I) out there,” said Ian Shircore, Envisional’s vice-president global marketing. “It feeds off the more conventional work we’ve done with clients like RBS and Barclays.”

In the increasingly complicated online gambling global market, Envisional believes its only a matter of time before its solutions will become a utility service for online gambling companies in the same way accountants are.

PartyGaming is based in Gibraltar and is the parent company of Party Casino and Party Poker and is also involved with bingo, sportsbetting and backgammon.