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Each year, around 6.5 million animals are admitted to shelters across the country There are 1.5 million who go to shelters, and 1.5 million end up being killed. In addition, due to the current crisis in shelters, there are numbers increasing. However, you can do something to assist!

Pets are not only scientifically proven to lower stress levels and increase blood pressure but none can provide that unconditional care and friendship pets can provide.

Adopting ME means you'll save a LIFE!

Many shelters kill animals because of space limitations However, If more people took on pets instead of purchasing them, the number of pets killed drastically. If you decide to adopt the animal, you not only help your new pet and make room for other animals that require it, creating an effect of kindness that is domino-like. If you are looking for the adopting a pet, then visit https://savearescue.org/.

Training isn't difficult.

Although some animals in shelters come in as strays, a lot are rescued because of human issues such as moving or getting divorced and or because an animal isn't an ideal pet. A lot of them are familiar with living with their families, which means that it's more natural to train them.


If you purchase a pet from a pet shop, the transaction typically ends when you leave the store. Most pet stores do not have the expertise or resources to help you in case you're having concerns or questions about the new dog you purchased.

But shelters and rescue groups typically have some background on the animal, and volunteers learn about the animal's personality, as well as its preferences and likes. This can help ease the transition. More often than often, shelters are willing to assist you during the beginning phase since they are concerned for the animal and ensure that it goes to a safe and happy home.