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Non-alcoholic Drinks For The Holiday Season

It is easy to overindulge in food and alcohol during the holidays. For some people the overindulging is a result of attending more parties at this time of year.The Christmas season is full on, and many are enticed by the constant drinking and snacking. But for those recovering from addiction, this season could be a challenge. 

Here's an alcohol-free list to help you get going.

Lemonade: The chilled drink can be made by mixing soda and lemon slices. To give it a sweet flavor you can add sugar or, for an icy punch you can choose rock salt. Serve with mint leaves, and some ice cubes, and you're good to go. You can buy the best non alcoholic drinks through various online resources.

 best non alcoholic drinks

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Mojito – It is among the most popular non-alcoholic drinks on the globe. It can be made by mixing half a lime powdered sugar, sprite mint leaves, and some ice.

Shirley Temple: This drink could be prepared by mixing the grenadine syrup with lime soda and ginger ale. The drink is then topped with ice. It can be served with maraschino cherry garnish. The bright red color could instantly lift your mood.

Orange Slush Punch – Mix cherry and orange jello with sugar in the boiling water. After boiling then add orange juice. Refrigerate overnight, and serve in the morning.