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Phillip Island Australia: Must-See Places

Phillip Island is a popular tourist spot located only 90 minutes from Melbourne. The island lies between Bass Strait Island and Westernport Bay. It is a popular tourist spot with plenty to do. Phillip Island is a great vacation spot with its excellent selection of hotels and accommodation. You can also plan the best trip via www.hikeandseek.com.au/products/phillip-island-day-tour.

Near the center is Amaze things, an activity park where everyone can have fun. The maxi-mini course is for golfers. It is constructed over artificial turf. The park is always looking to improve and rebuild the course. 

This course is sure to be a hit with both young and old golfers. You will be able to test your brains on the maze's twisting corridors. Be prepared to get lost in the illusion rooms with water flowing uphill and shrinking rooms. If you want to stay in the park, there are well-equipped caravans.

A conservation center for Koalas is available to animal lovers. They are a huge hit with tourists, both young and old. You can see the koalas and walk through the bush in this park. The boardwalks in the trees allow you to get up close and personal with the Koalas. You can also pick up souvenirs at the gift shop while you're there.

The Nobbies Centre, which houses many species of marine mammals, such as sharks, dolphins, and seals, is just one of many natural attractions. This is where you will find the penguin parade, which is the most popular attraction in Australia and the largest colony worldwide. Every day, thousands of little blue penguins glide across the beaches to reach their dunes burrows.