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Why Choose Moissanite Over Diamonds?

What is a moissanite stud? 

It's a small gemstone that has been touted as the perfect anniversary gift. Moissanite is a type of diamond, but it doesn't have any color other than white. What makes it special is that the stone changes color under different lighting conditions. 

Beautiful moissanite cluster earrings are a perfect anniversary gift. They come in many different shapes and colors, and they can be made into rings, earrings, or necklaces. Moissanite Studs are made out of moissanite, which is a gemstone that is extremely rare and expensive. They have a beautiful white color and they are very durable.

Moissanite is a diamond alternative that is becoming more and more popular as an anniversary gift. Here are some reasons why moissanite is a great choice over diamonds: 

  • Moissanite is harder than diamond. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones, but moissanite is just as hard. This makes it a better choice for those who want something that will last longer and resist scratches. 

  • Diamonds are graded based on their color and clarity. Moissanite, on the other hand, is graded only on its hardness. So, if you're looking for something that has the same beauty as diamonds but with less risk of damage, moissanite is a great option. 

  • Diamond prices continue to rise, while moissanite prices continue to stay stable. This means that moissanite can be a good investment option for those who are worried about the future of diamond prices.