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Safety Tips for Beginner Motorcycle Riders In Brisbane

Riding a motorcycle can be the coolest thing in the world. But remember, it can also be one of the most dangerous activities that cause many accidents and deaths. Surely, you want to rush out and take your new baby for a grand ride but before you hit the road, there are a few things you should keep in mind regarding safety.

Here are some safety tips for a thrilling but safe ride:

You may know how to ride a bike but it is a smart idea to seek professional motorcycle rider training in Australia – QRIDE in Brisbane from experienced riders.  This will equip you with the ins and outs of how to become competent on the road and will surely help you in your ride in the fast lane.

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Some of the things you should learn about are the parts of the motorcycle, how it works, how to balance when the engine isn't running, and the proper riding posture among many mothers.

Wear a motorcycle helmet. This chunky piece of metal headgear is more important than you think. It's not only an image booster, making you look tough and cool, more importantly, it serves as a protection that can save you from head injuries in case of motorcycle crashes and can even save your life. 

Never forget that riding a motorcycle is ten times more dangerous than driving a car because your body is exposed to all the dangers in the road. That's why it's imperative that you wear a helmet to protect you.

Invest in protective motorcycle gears. Don't make the mistake of thinking that motorcycle apparel is merely to make you look fashionable or give you that tough image that is typecasted on riders. 

These gears will protect you from injuries in case of mishaps. Be sure to invest in the right kind of gloves, riding suit and biker boots. For instance, the Harley Davidson boots have been proved to give the proper foot and leg protection you need in your riding adventure.

Before going out into the street to take the riding plunge, be sure to check on the bike to see if everything A-ok. Examine the parts like the tires, brakes, clutch, headlights, and see if you have sufficient oil and brake fluid. Make sure all the chains, fasteners, frames and suspension are all securely attached.

Know your speed limit. You're probably tempted to show off your new bike by roaring up the speed especially when you catch a glimpse of girls eying you. But be on the smart side and do not go way too fast. Any pro rider will tell you that a real rider need not rev up to boast.