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How is Title Insurance Different From Other Types of Insurance in New Jersey?

Title insurance offers protection against various property risks. Whether your property is vacant land, a house, or property such as an apartment or townhouse, property insurance can provide added security for the owner. When things like this happen, property insurance helps with costs that can quickly become very expensive. You can see some examples of previous claims on the First Title Insurance home page. You can avail the benefits of the New Jersey title agency through various online sources.

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The cost of purchasing property insurance can be very cheap. The policy consists of a one-time premium that is valid for the life of the house. While limits and exceptions may apply, there is no overpayment in the event of a claim. Here you can get simple offers before buying your property or at any time after taking over the property.

“In thoroughly searching our clients' properties, there are certain risks that real estate attorneys may not even be able to anticipate: for example, if board records are not available, or in the event of fraud or forgery. Insurance offers many of our clients assurance that these risks are being managed.”

If you are looking to buy the property or already own property, it may be worth considering building insurance. This decision is made a lot easier when you consider the possible costs.

First Title Insurance is available for vacant land, real estate, residential and commercial properties, and creditors.

How is title insurance different from other types of insurance?

Insurance such as car, life, health, etc. protects against possible future events and is paid for with a monthly or annual premium. Title insurance policies cover against past events of the property and the people who own it at a one-time premium paid at the end of escrow.