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The Best Tequila Shot Glasses

What is a tequila shot glass?

A tequila shot glass is a small glass that is used to drink tequila. Tequila shot glasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be perfect for any drinking occasion.

Benefits of drinking from a good tequila shot glass?

When you drink a tequila shot from a good shot glass, you can enjoy the taste and texture of the liquor more fully. The design of a good shot glass helps to retain more of the flavor and aroma of the tequila, which can make for a more enjoyable drinking experience. 

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Best tequila shot glasses to use?

There are many different types of shot glasses that offer different ways to enjoy your tequila.. 

Some shot glasses are designed specifically for margaritas, while others are better suited for shots of tequila. 

If you’re looking for a more traditional shot glass design, we recommend getting one that is made out of crystal or glass. 

How do you clean them?

When it comes to enjoying a good tequila shot, keeping your glassware clean is key. Though most shots can be consumed from any type of glass, some glasses are made specifically for tequila, and as such may require special cleaning instructions.

-Fill a sink with warm water and dish soap. 

-Scrub the inside and outside of the glass with a brush or sponge. 

– Rinse off the glass with clean water and dry it off with a kitchen towel.