Find Female Automatic Driving Instructor

An automatic driving instructor (ADI) is someone who teaches others how to drive using only an automated system. ADIs use a variety of teaching methods and materials, including online courses, video tutorials, and practice tests. 

The person may be male or female and they are hired by companies and law enforcement agencies to teach new drivers how to drive without fear of oncoming traffic or to help experienced drivers improve their driving skills. To find out the best automatic driving instructor, you can visit this site.

What is an automatic driving instructor?

Becoming an ADI can be a rewarding career path. Many ADIs work in corporate settings, teaching employees how to drive for work or leisure purposes. Others work as independent contractors, setting their own hours and working with clients who range from individual drivers to fleets of vehicles. 

The requirements for becoming an ADI are relatively minimal. Most employers require applicants to have a valid driver’s license and pass a driving test. Some states may also require applicants to have experience as a teacher or trainer. 

If you’re interested in becoming an ADI, there are plenty of resources available online. Online courses such as The Complete Driver’s Manual for the Carpooler and Pedestrian from the National Safety Council offer comprehensive training that covers all aspects of driver safety.